- July 2020
- A 2D roguelike platformer devloped explicitly to teach COGS members the basics of game design in Unity.
- Made with Unity.
- Made by Alexander Xie, Luke Letourneau, Sebastian Munoz, and John Boracci
Goose Battle Royale
- April 2019
- A battle royal simulator where you play as a goose fighting a field of hundred other geese.
- Developed for the Scarlet Game Jam (Hosted by COGs) using Unity.
- Made by Alexander Xie, Utkarsh Jha
- December 2017
- A 2D Platformer where the player grapples around the level.
- Made with Unity.
- MADE BY: Gabriel Hardwick, Eric Roberts, Amer Aliamer
Fighting Game
- November 2017
- A 2D platformer featuring a number of elemental mages, each with their own special abilities and attacks.
- Made with GameMaker Studio.
- MADE BY: William He, Brandon, Tamir
Space Shooter
- May 2017
- FPS set in outer space. Destroy aliens with bullets affected by the gravitation of moving planets inside a small solar system.
- Made with Unity.
- MADE BY: William He
Capture the Flag
- January 2017
- Single player first person tanks, where the player fights the AI to steal their flags. Enemies respawn until their flags are captured.
- Made with Unity.
- MADE BY: William He, Amr, Andrew